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"Bexpo 6" at NeoTortillería, Mexico

NeoTortillería, Guanajuato, México
March 21, 2020

Bexpo is a curatorial exercise that works under a model of itinerant exhibitions housed in different venues whose purpose is to highlight the austere presentation, spontaneous and incomplete decisions that are far from the mold of traditional artistic production, as well as the standards of neatness within contemporary art; mainly questioning the current functions of cultural exhibition and dissemination spaces, taking digital platforms such as Instagram and other social networks as its field of action.

For the sixth edition of Bexpo, NeoTortillería has curated by inviting thirty-five artists through digital media to design an instruction manual to follow and thus execute or activate their pieces within this independent space located in Guanajuato city. Given the security measures presented against the spread of COVID-19, Bexpo and NeoTortillería decided to open the exhibition online through a live transmission on social networks lasting three hours. The registry of the works presented is shared daily on the Instagram profiles of both spaces and can be consulted at @neotortilleria and @bexpo_6 indefinitely.

Bexpo #6 has the participation of Ana Tatti, Andy Medina, Antulio Arroyo, Aylaculebra, César Zamora, Cristian Barajas Pichardo, Daniel Barajas Pichardo, David Zafra, Digital Magicz, Elizabeth Mejia, Enrique López Llamas, Franccesca Marcaccio, Frida Rentería, Gibran Mendoza, Hugo Alegría, Itxaso Urrutikoetxea, Irvin Castro, Itzayana Ramos, José Ponce, Jou Morales, Julio García Aguilar, Julián Sosa Padilla, Kasser Sánchez, Lourdes Martínez, Luis Campos, Mar Caracheo, Miguel Escamilla, MALVIAJE, Mayra Tavares, Paula Reyes-Pérez, Salvador Xharicata, Sha Godoy, Sofía PH, Tsanda Guzmán and Vidal Mtz.

Text by Enrique López Llamas, Emilio Morales, Roberto Delgadillo and Fer Gress; translated by Paula Reyes-Pérez


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