The Bridges Make the Place

Together with “V/A – Various Artists” magazine, who commissioned and published this text in English today, we share with you the same in Spanish, in which the artist César Vargas G. writes about the mutual aid initiatives that were activated by UV Estudios (Argentina), KM 0.2 (Puerto Rico) and Sagrada Mercancía (Chile) to open questions about the dichotomy between the individual and the collective that articulates independent spaces in Latin America.

The Figure in Common Space

An essential characteristic of independent art spaces is that they all seek their own place in history; that is, they have wrested themselves from the dominant flow of culture in order to carve out their own path. It is a form of existence that continuously risks not even having a path. In many ways and to different degrees, this path has been forged by fragility—constant struggle and ideological resistance against the predominant context. Considered together, these factors offer a clear explanation of the historical discontinuity that characterizes independent spaces. This discontinuity, however, articulates a strange form of experiential connection. In other words, a micropolitical temporality sensitive to multiplicity, within which different experiences of independent art from our continent have existed, exist, and move.

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