ritmo volcán by Minia Biabiany

EXTRACT is an online section where we share some of the texts published by Temblores Publicaciones, Terremoto’s publishing house. We present the eighth extract of this section, “The Caribbean Began in Fire and Lives on in Water: A Conversation on Volcanoes” by by Yina Jiménez Suriel y Minia Biabiany, from ritmo volcán by Minia Biabiany. This is the first monographic catalog of the artist, her practice revolves around the perceptual multiplicity of the environment, language and how memories and temporalities can modify our body and life experience. Biabiany’s work has positioned itself as a key meeting place for the critique and analysis of the colonialist process still in force in the Caribbean.

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  1. Editors’ note: The eruption of gases and ash from La Soufrière never led to a magmatic explosion. However, it contaminated the water and land in the surrounding area and set off several earthquakes that disrupted the ecological conditions in the city.

  2. Before this, Basse-Terre was the most active economic center on the island. However, it would never be so again because its port was relocated and many people remained on the other side of the island. Guy Gabon, a friend and artist, is working on a feature film about the communities that were affected by the eruption, those who were forced to move at the time and those who still live there. After 1976, an observatory was built in the mountain range, where you can watch this active volcano’s every breath. We will never know how long it will be before it wakes up again.

  3. Nòt a sé éditè-la : Lasoufriyè voyé gaz é sann, men sa pa rivé jis an faz magmatik la. Magrésa, i sali dlo-la é tè-la, é plizyé tranblanntè fèt, ki boulvèsé kondisyon ékolojik an vil-la.

  4. Avan sa, sé té Bastè ki té potomitan adan ékonomi a lilèt-la ; men i pa j’en woupran plas douvan a-y, davwa yo déplasé pò-la, é onlo moun rété lòt koté a lilèt-la. Gi Gabon, ki sé on zanmi artis, ka réyalizé on lonmétraj asi sé krèy moun-lasa ki déplasé an tan-lasa é ki ka rété la toujou. Jòdla, tin on òksèvatwa yo konstwi apré 1976, asi chenn montangn la. Yo ka gadévwè chak ti souf a vòlkan vivan lasa. Nou pa sav konmen tan i ké pran pou lévé poubon.


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