Guadeloupe, 1988

Minia Biabiany

Lives and works in Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe.

Biabiany is a visual artist and researcher of open pedagogies. Her artistic practice outlines relationships with space and territory from a perspective that rethinks history to question the effects of colonialism in the Caribbean. From video and installation, Minia places the poetics and politics that are woven between objects, plants, symbols and the perception of the body. Using weaving as a model of thought, Biabiany reflects on the power structures that reside in language and narrative. Her work is accompanied by the imagination of pedagogical tools in search of an autonomy of learning and ways of inhabiting the tensions in the territory, a continuous feeling of the places in which she moves and the dialogue of different voices that over time have pointed out the processes of coloniality of the island region she inhabits.

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