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#RenunciaPiñera. Urgent art during the state of emergency in Chile

Santiago, Chile

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  1. We must consider that a large number of people in the country, including those who write, do not work under the figure of a contract and many times our salary is significantly less than this figure. Mobilizing only one person during the working week by subway –once during valley hours and the second during peak hours- implies under this logic about $1,580 CLP per day and $7,900 CLP per week, or $31,600 CLP per month. This figure responds to more than 10% of a monthly legal minimum wage, and we must add that the majority of workers are the livelihood of more than one person and that several must spend more than this amount on daily transport to their workplace due to their place of residence; especially when they live in the periphery and must arrive at the city center to be able to work.

  2. However, protesters decided to take a risk and sit on the sides of the subway tracks, so they forced the standstill of the subway cars and managed to get inside.

  3. Formerly known as Plaza Baquedano, the name of this square was changed by the social movement in a cyber action in which the name was updated in all applications, pages and internet systems where this was possible, on Monday, November 11.

  4. “NO + Abuses”, “NO + ACRE”, “NO + False Democracy”, “NO + Indifference”, “NO + Military Torturers”, “NO + Misery” “NO + Order and Nation”, ” NO + [Blood] ».

  5. Member of the group C.A.D.A. as well as founding member of the A.C.A.

  6. Both the lighting collective and the designer W. Fett decided to include the icon of a raised fist, which was perceived ambiguously in sex-generic terms.

  7. Currently, the list of those killed by the brutality of law enforcement in Chile during this latest social mobilization scales to 24 confirmed people, while many other cases of deaths in strange circumstances are still under investigation.

  8. In the early hours of Monday, October 21, the National Institute of Human Rights reported that a group of three adults and a minor were “crucified” suspended to an antenna using handcuffs in this compound.


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