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Las Brillantin☆s

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Marginalia #91

We☆ Are☆ Las Brillantin☆s

Glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, bling bling, sparkles, sparkles.

We have been asked if brillantin☆s is a collective, a group, a sect, or something else. We reiterate that first and foremost we are friends, because that’s how we like to work. Everything we do is because we enjoy it. The brillantin☆s started by being virtual (pandemic babies). Sharing on IG our favorite artists and songs. Now we are hybrids: digital but also tangible. We demand that art, drawing, music events be FUN, with a special focus on gender studies (we don’t want no machit☆s abusers☆). We want to break with stiffness and hierarchies, we want to talk about and do what concerns us and moves us.

We like magic because we like to be able to decide. We manifest what we like and we conjure and bind what bothers us. We shield ourselves from those who cast an evil eye on us, from the men☆ who get upset when they see their world falling apart, from the envious people☆. We become more powerful among ourselves, when we light our little candles.

Like a bag of glitter that breaks in your backpack we are a disastrous surprise. Tiny but mighty. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of us, a little sparkle appears again. We’re a pest you can never get rid of. A glow that will never fade.

We believe in the importance of taking notes to gather information around time. To write history as a diary is written, to fill the margins with monigots and on the back pages, to write some secrets, and to finish it off with the drawings of the teachers we dislike.

We don’t intend to cross off our reading list all the basics of feminism in order to have a say. We prefer other ways of experiencing the world. We express ourselves through our clothes and create different worlds every time we open our closet.

If you like horoscopes, art, magic, drawing and fashion check out our feed on IG (@brillantinas_muac). <3

Find on MUAC’s website the Brillantina Collection, a selection of contents that have been generated from Las Brillantinas (stickers, charms, posters, coloring books) free for free download:



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