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A Tarot Taunt (part II)

Feeling and thinking feminist art practices under capitalism

PREVIOUSLY in… A Tartot Taunt, INVASORIX draw some cards to ask themselves: what have we sacrificed to sustain our artistic practices that come from feminisms within the extractivist logics of neoliberal capitalism? And they drew the inverted MOON and the MAGICIAN!

Don’t cry, my INVASORIX, you can handle that and more! Give yourselves a chance, life as the wheel of fortune sometimes favors you and sometimes it rolls against you, give yourselves some courage and draw the next card!

Oh darling, you’re a making a face -_-, yes, like this -_-, with a stiff jaw. The obscuridarks fell because THE VI ARCANA, THE LOVERS is drawn out in an inverted position.

Dear diary,

THE LOVERS represent a kind of union that transcends duality. A sort of fusion of different corporealities that coincide in a common horizon and that happens by choice, as a consequence of a loving feeling, longing or deep desire. The card also refers to a situation that leads to experiencing “paradise”, the scenario where our imaginary friend, Pamela Colman Smith, portrays the lovers in the Rider-Waite Tarot. In the face of the hostility and disillusionment regularly suffered on planet Earth and shrewdly in the precarious, mordant and competitive artistic-cultural field, paradise can simply be a warm space where being and creating is possible. With this longing, after the wounds of working in this field, from different places and without knowing each other yet, those of us who have made and make INVASORIX were already imagining together, wishing for a structure that would make it feasible to taste the warmth, the joy, the fullness and the power in the artistic work, getting together with others to (dis)learn.

The inverted LOVERS suggest a misalignment within a relationship, lack of care that leads to the fracture of affections and disappointment by not receiving what is expected, not feeling reciprocated. They are a warning call to repair the damage. The dilution of limits when “merging”, for example, in a collectivity can bring with it the loss of sight to what extent presupposing affection we recharge ourselves on others, we let ourselves be sustained by others without being reciprocated. As we have developed in previous elaborations, the space of collaboration is one of responsibility and continuous negotiations, never resolved, never settled. Working collectively means dealing with conflicts, challenges, pains and joys, especially if we are a group of mutant beings with spatio-temporal relations that occupy different technologies and places of enunciation. The intersection we inhabit implies a constant self-critical exercise: Do we respect agreements? Do we balance roles and workloads equitably? Do we sustain a process of singular and joint repair, necessary after demanding production processes? do we celebrate our achievements? Do we give ourselves time to do nothing? Do we cultivate affection, care and happiness?

The inverted LOVERS tell us that no, reciprocity, care and affection have been compromised along the way. Our imaginary friend Sara Ahmed shows us that this situation we describe is symptomatic of feminist relationships: “But I have heard this story elsewhere and I have heard it often: that when a feminist project does not materialize, when things shatter, as they often do, then the relationships between us often shatter as well.”

INVASORIX begged the tarot to give them transgalactic advice to enlighten their future.

#PLOTTWIST What am I seeing! An electrifying being has manifested itself! For then it is late, this is the ARCANA number 0, THE FOOL. This Arcana receives us with much joy, those that see him immediately feel revitalized, it feels like glass of fresh water when you have a dry mouth.

<3 THE FOOL <3 is a unique Arcana who is characterized by speaking of new beginnings, they leave their past behind to reinvent themselves, in the hope of becoming a more authentic version and sticking to their principles. Friend, all is not lost! In our initial question we alluded to the losses experienced in this inertia of feminist artistic production within the capitalist logic and, so far, the tarot has reflected to us that the fragility of our bonds and our ideals cannot survive the constant clash with the coldness and hardness of the walls of capitalist production, which require us to have a thick skin and long fangs to succeed in this ecosystem of art that is often turbulent, confusing and frightening.

THE FOOL appears to tell us that the path already laid out before us is not the only path that exists, and invites us to take a blind leap into unexplored territories, to restart the journey without fixed expectations and without carrying any of the burdens that have afflicted us, such as fear, lack, anger and uncertainty. We do not need them, because the secret of THE FOOL’s amazement and freshness is that he enjoys and honors his journey, regardless of the destination or how steep the mountains he crosses may be. They also share their transgressive perspective: abandon the walls of knowledge, the fences of reason and the locks of emotional suspicion that you have built around yourself to protect yourself from others! Do not be afraid of being robbed of your joy, creativity and ideas, for that which is genuine and authentic in you cannot be stolen or corrupted! It also communicates to us: if you have been wrong in the past, it is probably because you have betrayed yourself at some point by trying to follow a path and a way that was not meant for you, inserted in logics that exceed you, it is worth unlearning from those experiences and free yourself!

The ARCANA invites us not to look back in our journey with mistrust or fear, but to be grateful for what we have lived in order to move forward with confidence and innocence, recovering our unlearnings with our eyes on the stars and the clouds, because that is where dreams and utopias live, without fear of falling because we are not alone, we are well accompanied by our intuition that, although sometimes we have decided not to listen to it, has never abandoned us. Now yes, with the company of THE FOOL and their little dog, let us venture to carve paths that seek harmony with our environment and among ourselves, to imagine other ways of being and being together, to inhabit this planet, to flourish and, why not, to persist in this crazy and improbable idea of continuing to defy the logics and the hard and fast reason of capitalism!

This taunt was really harsh, oh dear, it was scolding!

There they go, moving away, INVASORIX, they are lights, slippery amoebas, tentacular masses… there they go in their little ship laughing, whispering, crying and singing loudly in the blackness of the night, ready to receive the new adventures that the mystery of life has in store for them.

*To the fire of INVASORIX, thank you always, for being a body, home, impulse and engine, your warmth walks with us, we carry you beating in our hearts.


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