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"En Vitrina" at El Bloque, Venezuela

Curated by Fabio Rincones and María Niño
Mérida, Venezuela
Opening: January 31, 2020

The fundamental purpose of a showcase is to guard valuable items, but beyond protecting them, it reveals the vulnerable quality that essentially configures them.

To look through this showcase is a mean to approach those objects in an allegorical way, keeping a distance but understanding the sensibility of the diverse subjects and contexts from where seven artists from the city of Mérida develop their work, including concepts such as the fragility of nature and human relationships, comedy in everyday issues, the persistence of the iconic or the attempts to contain the fugacity of the ever changing landscape.

El Bloque presents En Vitrina, a group exhibition showcasing works of seven artists who develop their work from Mérida, Venezuela, curated by Fabio Rincones and María Niño.

Participating artists are Aureliano Contreras, Cristiam Muñoz, Ismael Alizo Paredes, Ismael Rodríguez, Ronal Romero, Juan Salas and Johanna Valero.

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