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#65: Martian Archive

Through this section, monthly, we invite agents of the artistic system to share a selection of images related to their practice or current interests. Images are published daily in the header of our website and shared through our Instagram profile. At the end of the month, the complete selection of images is published together with a text that contextualizes them. Here is the selection of November 2020.

Masarchive.org is an expanded curatorial platform that reflects on the form in which Mars history is generated through collaborative archive, knowledge divulgation activities, workshops and courses, encounters, and martian celebrations.

We count with a Facebook community with which we share news, articles, literature, memes, and films to discuss any theme that is directly or indirectly related to the Red Planet.

Within the framework of Marginalia’s 65 invitation and Terremoto’s latest Issue (#19), Planetary Solidarity, we made an eclectic selection of internet found images that address the projections of power, spirituality, recognition, otherness and identity in a pendulum between Southeast Asia and Latin America. Despite their geographical, climatic and cultural diversity differences, these two regions share a violent colonial and postcolonial history that is present in the various expressions of their planetary imaginaries related to space.

The fever of the 2.0 space race seems to permeate the new generations in the richest areas, while poverty and inequality restrict access not only to Mars but to the possibility of a near future for humans and non-humans.

The result of this tour presents a broad spectrum ranging from climatic devastation, peripheral visions of space exploration, signs of extraterrestrial life in temples and sacred places, superheroines from the planet Mars, capital changes following astrology, activism with underwear , alien movies, Martian habitats made of bamboo, submerged remains of tanks that are now schools of fish, destroyed observatories, 520 days of confinement simulating on Mars, quipus in morse, protests in space centers and the DNA of Neil Armstrong’s bubblegum.

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