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Obsesión Infinita

Museo Tamayo, Ciudad de México, México
September 26, 2014 – January 18, 2015


070 Daniela Uribe

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Yayoi Kusama. Obsesión infinita will be showing at Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo as of September 26, 2014 until the 18th of January, 2015. This will be the first time a retrospective of the acclaimed Japanese artist arrives in Mexico City. The exhibition will offer an in-depth survey of the work of the most prominent living Japanese artists through more than 100 works from 1949 to 2013 including paintings, works on paper, sculptures, videos, slideshows, and installation works.

Yayoi Kusama was born in Matsumoto City, Japan, in 1929. She began making poetic and semi-abstract works on paper in the 1940s before commencing her celebrated “Infinity Net” series in the laste 1950s and 1960s. These strikingly original paintings are characterized by the obsessive repetition of small painted arcs massed into larger rhythmic patterns.

Her move to New York in 1957 was a watershed event for the artist, bringing her into contact with Donald Judd, Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenberg, and Joseph Cornell. Her painterly practice gave way to soft sculptures, known as “Accumulations”, and then to live performances and happenings that became a staple of the downtown subculture and won the artists mainstream attention and notoriety.

In 1973 Kusama returned to Japan, and since 1977 she has voluntarily lived in a psychiatric institution. The pronounced and singular psychological character of her work has always been matched by a range of formal innovation and reinvention that allows her to share her singular vision with a wide public through infinitely mirrored space and the obsessively repeated dots for which she is best known. In her most recent works, the artist has renewed contact with her most radical instincts in immersive installations and collaborative pieces that have made her, justly, Japan’s most celebrated living artist.  

Curated by Frances Morris y Philip Larratt-Smith, Yayoi Kusama. Obsesión infinita reunites her most iconic works such as the Infinity Nets, the movie Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, films of her New York happenings Love-in Festival and Flower Orgy, and the highly acclaimed installations Phalli’s Field, I’m here but Nothing, Obliteration Room and Infinity Mirror Room, culminating with her newest production from 2013.

Having travelled through Argentina and Brasil, Yayoi Kusama. Obsesión infinita has attracted a record-breaking amount visitors, with almost 2 million people have enjoyed the show at its mutltiple venues through out Latin America. Similar success is expected in Mexico City due to the incredible interest that has been expressed for the artist’s life and work.

Link: http://museotamayo.org/

Cortesías de la artista, Castellane Gallery – Nueva York, Victoria Miro Gallery – Londres, Ota Fine Arts – Tokio, e Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc

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