(Español) Venezuela, 1994

Manuel Vásquez-Ortega

Architect for the Universidad de Los Andes (2018), where he currently works as a professor at the Department of Historical and Humanistic Materials. As an independent researcher of the contemporary Venezuelan city, its processes and dynamics, he has developed a series of searches around the social and political aspects, whose results have been exhibited at the I Salón “Arte y Sociedad” (Centro Cultural BOD / Goethe Institute, 2018), 20th Salón Jóvenes con FIA (Maczul, 2017), 13th and 15th National Salon of Young Artists (Maczul, 2016-2018) and I Salón “Contemporary Representation of the Image” (IV Festival Méridafoto, 2016). His texts and his theoretical concerns have been published on web platforms such as the Archivo de Fotografía Urbana, Prodavinci, Artishock, the Blog de La NGO, Tráfico Visual, among other international academic journals. Since 2017 he has been acting as Coordinator of Espacio Proyecto Libertad (@espacioplibertad).

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