Chile, 1971

Jorge Sepulveda T.

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Curator, researcher and critic of contemporary art. Coordinator and founder of Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica (2005), the Trabajadores de Arte initiative (2012), Editorial Curatoría Forense (2013), Cooperativa de Arte (2015), the Uberbau_house art research center (Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2016) and the community VADB – Arte contemporáneo latinoamericano (2016) among other initiatives. He has organized and advised more than 40 exhibitions of contemporary artists, has managed and coordinated more than 40 group art residencies in 8 Latin American countries and more than 30 individual research residencies at Uberbau_house with the participation of more than 500 residents from America, Europe and Asia. He has published more than 250 analytical articles, 7 books and 12 fanzines that are the result of the research and coordination of working groups on contemporary visual arts, autonomous management of contemporary art, art system, public funds, artistic imaginary and social imaginary among others. He has conducted seminars and talks in various institutions and spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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