Anti-disciplinary transmedia artist who investigates the intersections between languages, codes and media. From a critical view on digitality and virtuality, biarritzzz discusses pop culture, low resolution images, meme pedagogics, the politics of error and improvisation, video game and internet aesthetics, with poetry and the moving images. She brings to the table the question of technicality versus amateurism, and science versus magic in creating realities. She has important works in video art and a long research in GIF art and live visuals, performance and videomapping, transiting between the contradictions of the white cubes and the black boxes of the dissident night of the Brazilian northeast. The artist part of collections such as Art Base (Rhizome/New Museum), KADIST Foundation, Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS), MIS SP, and She has exhibited at Satélite platform (Pivô Arte e Pesquisa), A.I.R Gallery, Centro Cultural São Paulo, The Wrong Biennale, FILE, The Shed NY, Städtische Galerie Bremen, MAC Goiás, Goethe Institute Porto Alegre among others. biarritzzz is part of the body of artists of the projects Unfinished Camp and Amplify D.A.I. (Digital Arts Initiative), and is currently part of the Ventre program at Hoa Gallery.

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