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Calçado de Monstro

Calçado de Monstro


HOA - SP-Arte - MAI São Paulo, Brazil August 24, 2020 – September 30, 2020

Calçado de Monstro (Monster Shoes) is one of Estileras’ lines of research that arises from the tension created between abolishing divisions by gender, exposing fashion’s exclusionary hypocrisy and reframing the residues of this industry. Discarded shoes are transformed into wearable sculptures, symbols of rupture with the acceptable, and their mutation process is a proposal for

Boni wears Calçado de Monstro Falaram Desleixo made by them during the live performance Webseries Calçado de Monstro EP07. Photo taken right after it was created Brendy wears Calçado de Monstro made by her during the live performance Calçados de Monstro at SP-arte 2018. Photo taken right after it was created Enantios Dromos wears Calçado de