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Meet the artists selected for "Interplanetary Simulations"!

After a long selection process, we are thrilled to announce the 5 artists who will embark on ‘Interplanetary Simulations,’ the first volume of Travesías Terremoto

Congratulations to Elisa Balmaceda (Chile), Rastros de Diógenes (Brazil), Nahuel Sánchez (Argentina), Luis Williams-Fallas (Costa Rica), and Tania Ximena (Mexico)!

This selection was made possible thanks to the institutional alliances we made throughout the continent, which allowed artists of different profiles and nationalities to be part of the residency.

In partnership with Pivô and the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico, we selected Rastros de Diógenes (Brazil); while Luis Williams-Fallas (Costa Rica) was selected through our open call in collaboration with Y.ES Contemporary. Nahuel Sánchez, a teacher and mediator, joins the residency through a collaboration with LA ESCUELA__. For Terremoto, it was very enriching to make alliances with other institutions and share the doubts, strategies, and ambiguities that accompany any selection process.

We thank our incredible jury who carefully reviewed the over 900 applications we received: Nahum Romero, Marcela Guerrero, Ana Roman, danie valencia sepúlveda, Mónica Hoff, Miguel Braceli, Ana Cristina, Patricio Majano y Helena Lugo and also to all the artists who applied.

“Interplanetary Simulations” is possible thanks to the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (United States), Ayarkut Foundation (Mexico), Fundación Ama Amoedo (Uruguay), and Intelisis Software through EFIARTES (Mexico). We thank the Biosphere of Pinacate Grand Desert of Altar and the Museum of Art of Sonora MUSAS for hosting this project.

Meet our artists:

Elisa Balmaceda (Chile)

Artist and researcher from Chile. Her work explores the subtle framework that connects the biosphere, technical infrastructure and the cosmos, evidencing the complex interrelationships between the human and the non-human. Linking material, energetic and spiritual elements, his practice seeks to deconstruct and reimagine these dynamics in the context of socio-environmental conflicts located in the territory. In their projects they combine light, sound, video and installation with the use of ancient and modern technologies, to unravel planetary ecologies and decolonial notions of time-space.

Rastros de Diógenes  (Brasil)

Proponent of poetic and pedagogical interventions that intertwine ecologies, memory, presence and virtuality. She has collaborated with groups and institutions in exhibitions, residencies, publications and festivals throughout Abya Yala and Europe. She is currently a member of the Ocultas collective and founder of Terreiro Afetivo, a laboratory of artistic and ecological practices. Rastroso de Diógenes was a resident at Pivô Pesquisa in 2023.

Nahuel Sánchez (Argentina)

Nahuel Sánchez is originally from Southern Patagonia, Argentina. He is a visual artist, teacher and cultural manager. His training results from a cross between arts, communication and design, which he carried out at Universities in Argentina and Brazil. He recently completed the Master’s Degree in Art Education with a mention in Visual Arts at the National University of Rosario. His artistic production is related to his interest in landscape in dialogue and tension with the body as a vector of experience. He is challenged to reflect on the relationship between art, nature and humanity. During 2020, it gave rise to the Intermittent Laboratory, a space for contemporary artistic practices that, through different research and production formats, brings together various actors in the field of art from Latin America and other regions from a collective and educational perspective.

Luis Williams-Fallas (Costa Rica)

Artist and social promoter. He works as a social promoter in community health centers and completes a master’s degree in interactive design. He bases his work on long-term processes that explore how certain natural spaces perceive and imagine the origins and futures of energy, matter and life. His research seeks anomalous forms of life that allow us to rethink the connection, the affective, and new ways of relating from speculative ethics. It creates (im) probable mediations between multiple terrestrial and extraterrestrial entities and subjectivities, based on scientific practices such as astrobiology, the demarcation of anthropocentric perspectives, and extractives linked to space exploration and extra-sensory perception in this and other worlds.

Tania Ximena (México)

Her work is the result of long-term field research in territories with multiple ecological, social and cultural layers. She seeks to investigate the effect that certain natural and climatic phenomena produce on the lives of those of us who inhabit these territories, from a personal and poetic experience. Since 2009 she made mountaineering part of her methodology; field experience is fundamental for her practice. Working in the field has opened up the possibility for me to collaborate with scientists in their research campaigns, to collaborate with indigenous communities, Afro-descendants and heirs of pre-Columbian knowledge in their territories.



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