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New exhibitions a the CCEMX / "Pulso" by Tania Candiani

Centro Cultural de España en México 
República de Guatemala 18,
Centro Histórico, 06000 Ciudad de México

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The artist Tania Candiani presents the work Pulse within the framework of Aquelarre, an online exhibition project, which shows the work of 27 women artists whose imaginaries and practices have been, deliberately in some cases and in others not, informed by the archetype of the witch and her attributes as a subversive feminine identity. In this exhibition the witch functions to create spaces for the celebration and knowledge of otherness, of personalities and practices that are neither normativized nor fully naturalized. The witch is a mobile site of knowledge production, but also a site from which to access other material and immaterial territories in a critical way. The archetype of the witch integrates bodies, psyches, knowledge in permanent flux, negotiating identities and subjectivities in constant dispute.

The exhibition, curated by Jessica Berlanga Taylor, includes 180 teponaztli drums and drumsticks made for the performance, a huipil dyed with natural pigments, a selection of maps of the Mexico Basin from “Memoria de las obras del sistema de drenaje profundo del Distrito Federal” Volume IV, archival material of the artist, and pre-Hispanic objects from the Central Altiplano on loan from the INAH/National Museum of Anthropology: natural snails found in the Basin of Mexico; a teponaztli drum in the shape of an animal; Mexica basalt sculpture in the shape of a snail, monumental battlement in the shape of a snail, and the figure of a female deity.

Until January 9, 2021
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Visit it by appointment at info.mx@aecid.es. The duration of the visits is approximately 1 hour in groups of maximum 8 people.

Make the most of your visit and don’t miss the following exhibitions:

Variaciones de un hexágono 2021

By María García Ibañez

Variaciones de un hexágono is the project carried out during the residency at the Gorilla Glass Factory in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2014.

Starting from the figure of the hexagon as an initial module, the artist made engravings and sculptures with glass as raw material. The intrinsic properties of the material –hardness, transparency, fragility– and the approach to the process and manipulation of glass, largely determined the development of the project.

As a result of this residency, the artist produced a series of relief prints on glass matrices intervened by sandblasting (sandblasting under pressure). On the other hand, she experimented with transparent glass rods (borosilicate) that she used as welded lines to compose different three-dimensional drawings, creating a collection of fragile sculptures.

Until December 5, 2021

More info here

Alina Muressan (Es): Magical Chaos
A journey through Mexico City

From drawing and illustration, Alina Muressan approaches her theory of magical chaos: Mexico City where architecture and vegetation, human and interspecies connections, the self and the other, abundance and precariousness intertwine every day to build a dazzling visual landscape, which consumes your energy with an overwhelming imaginary but revitalizes you the next moment.

Until November 14, 2021
More info here

Boa Mistura (Es) presents ILANMIKTLI

The collective Boa Mistura presents at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico: Ilanmiktli, a story about cultural syncretism and identity in Mexico.

The superposition of the characters of the word memoria in Spanish generates an abstract skin on which its equivalent in Nahuatl: Ilanmiktli, is based. This game of superimpositions generates new forms and nuances, establishing a parallelism with the different historical strata that have been shaping the idiosyncrasy of Mexico, from its origins to the present day.

Until September 30, 2021
More info here

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