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Lit & Luz Festival: 6 – 9 de marzo en Ciudad de México

Ciudad de México
March 6, 2019 – March 9, 2019

Lit & Luz Festival 
6–9 marzo, 2019

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Lit & Luz Festival
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Live Magazine Show
Sunday, March 9 / 7–9 pm
Museo Tamayo

For the past five years, MAKE Literary Production’s Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art has supported the creation of new art through international collaboration, and made space for essential dialogues between residents of Mexico and the United States.

This year’s theme, “Assembly”, asks us to consider the parts we put together and those we play. Art can be created by building a sentence, a canvas, an object, and when we unite as a community of voices.

At its heart, Lit & Luz is a cultural exchange between writers, musicians, and visual artists from Mexico and United States. With the festival taking place first in Chicago, then Mexico City, it is a conversation between two countries. It chooses to focus on collaborations in order to foster meaningful and lasting professional relationships and cross-cultural friendships. This cycle’s participants include Edgar Cobián, Kristiana Rae Colón, Julián Herbert, Daniel Kraus, Bill MacKay, Fernanda Melchor, José Olivarez, Emilio Rojas, Natalia Toledo, and more.

The festival runs March 6–9 with free events taking place at venues throughout Mexico City. The festival concludes on Saturday,  March 9 when the Museo Tamayo co-presents the Live Magazine Show, from 7–9 pm.

At the Live Magazine Show, pairs of Mexico and U.S. based participants debut their multimedia creative collaborations.

Imagen cortesía de Lit & Luz Festival / Image courtesy of Lit & Luz Festival


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