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Galería Karen Huber presenta: «Toy Boy» de Ana Segovia

Ciudad de México
February 5, 2018 – April 12, 2019

Toy Boy 
Ana Segovia

February 5 – April 12, 2019

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Toy Boy is Ana Segovia’s second solo show at Galería Karen Huber. A year and a half after her first exhibition, the direction of her development and the maturity in her work is now evident, as well as her commitment to herself and her topics.

One of her main concerns remains the ways of construction—regardless of whether that refers to cinematographic and pictorial images, or gender identity. In Segovia’s work, every object becomes a symbol that reveals, questions, and even disorients; they fill the atmosphere. Her honesty and courage makes her go against the current of gender discourses currently in vogue. For example: Its references to hypermasculinity and the objectification of desire and of the other.

Her attention to the pictorial event—perhaps her biggest strength—allows her to find very fresh formal solutions. The activation of color, the spatial ambiguity, and the tension between painting and illustration unleash encounters that are unexpected and accurate.

The exhibition is filled with many elements; humor, animals, weapons, the recurrent moon, the amazing perspective of the foot in Boy Toy, the play with the titles… Toy Boy is a game, just as desire is. Sometimes it is a childish game, yet sometimes it is perverse… always the most immediate manifestations of what we are.

— Andrea Bustillos Duhart

Imagen cortesía de Galería Karen Huber/ Image courtesy of Galería Karen Huber


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