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New projects at ESPAC

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ESPAC presents “ABCDESPAC ” y “Comisiones a destiempo”

Goethe 130, Anzures,
11590 Mexico City, CDMX
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ABCDESPAC works as a collective exercise of reflection, which seeks to review the history and the learning we have reached in these five years of work and to mark a bridge between the past and the future of contemporary art institutions. Through this project we want to find new ways of producing, researching and communicating, as well as responding to the challenges faced by the cultural sector in the current context. The publication will be defined according to the ideas and concerns that arise during the production of the contents through the exchange of ideas with the collaborators.

Although one of the objectives is to produce a printed publication, the project does not conceive the book as the final product, but as an entry to a wider future. Under the title of Open Process, ABCDESPAC’s first public output is already displayed on our website and is composed of a flow of ideas that reveal processes and collaborations of the publication’s production. These entries by the writers are a translation and abstraction of the conversations we have with them.

The first collaborations are already available on the website and are in charge of Mónica Amieva, Alfonso Santiago, Irais Córdova, Michel Blancsubé, Tania Ragasol, Othiana Roffiel, Fabiola Iza and Laura Orozco.

Comisiones a destiempo consists of a series of texts, the result of an invitation to agents from different backgrounds to rescue ideas from previous works produced at ESPAC. Advocating turning self-reflection into a form of cultural exercise that permeates our practices, this commitment focuses on opening a space for dialogue for possible encounters between art and other disciplines, reviewing little-explored concepts and delving into the work of artists, curators, writers, among others, who have collaborated in ESPAC.

These commissions are carried out by external guests and the theme will be selected in conversation with the ESPAC team, from which the collaborator will create a reflection on the format and scope of their choice. The deliveries are monthly and are published at the beginning of the month on our website and social networks.

At the moment we have published three collaborations:

01 What we see is not what it is, but it is the possibility of being – Andrea Cuevas
The first text of the series starts from the art collection as a trigger to spin a series of reflections on contemporary artistic production. Through an analogy between the art collection and an alphabet, Andrea Cuevas explores the possibility that each letter and each image has to build the world from the look and the language.

02 There is an interior to the interior – Karla Noguez
The second collaboration is a text that uses the plan of our headquarters in the neighborhood Anzures to join the content of exhibitions that we have produced, generating an opportunity to think about ESPAC without the thematic echo of its projects. Based on an exercise in fragmented writing, Karla Noguez reviews the significant subtleties that ESPAC
has proposed in terms of labor relations and production processes, making transparent its constant reconfigurations and waivers of formats, roles, personalities or procedures.

03 Provenance. 11 prints by Carla Rippey in the ESPAC Collection – Daniel Garza Usabiaga
This is a text composed from a series of conversations and exchanges between Carla Rippey and Daniel Garza Usbiaga, the exercise seeks to give continuity to the interlocking of fragments and articulation of narratives that are at stake in their production, taking as a starting point the artist’s engravings that are part of the collection of ESPAC.

The collaborations are published monthly and are available in Spanish and English on our website.


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