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Open-call:  Ama Amoedo Foundation Grants:  Artists, Art and Social Commitment, Organizations and Publications

Deadline: May 15, 2023

More information:
Fundación Ama Amoedo

The Fundación Ama Amoedo announces its  open-call for the Fundación Ama Amoedo Grants. With the objective of providing resources and opportunities for the strengthening of the art ecosystem, 10 grants of $10,000 will be awarded in four categories: Artists, Art and Social Commitment, Organizations and Publications. It includes 4 grants for Artists and 2 grants respectively for the remaining three categories. Artists, collectives, non-profit organizations, associations, institutions and foundations that have a significant connection with Latin America, whether by nationality, cultural heritage or location where the project will be carried out, may apply. The jury is composed of: Sonia Becce (Independent curator, Argentina), Marina Reyes Franco (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Puerto Rico), Yudi Rafael (Independent curator and researcher, Brazil) and Verónica Flom (Director, Fundación Ama Amoedo). Terms and conditions, available in Spanish, Portuguese and English on the Foundation’s website. 
The Fundación Ama Amoedo Artist Grants are intended for artists and/or collectives whose practices are focused on the visual arts. Proposals for research or artistic creation will be accepted, such as: production of work or exhibitions that, in the first instance, are not associated with commercial spaces, development of a project, archiving and preservation of their own work. Two of the four grants will go to artists from Argentina and Uruguay.
The Fundación Ama Amoedo Grants for Art and Social Commitment are intended to support specific initiatives that, through the arts, contribute to generate a positive impact on society. Projects that use artistic practice to promote education, social inclusion and the enhancement of the community will be accepted. They are aimed at artists, foundations, non-profit cooperatives, collectives, associations, among others. 
The Fundación Ama Amoedo Grants for Organizations are intended to support specific projects of institutions or non-profit organizations aimed at promoting, preserving and disseminating the work of Latin American artists. Initiatives that contribute directly to the art ecosystem, such as archives, public programs, cultural exchanges, etc., will be accepted. 
The Fundación Ama Amoedo Grants for Publications are intended to contribute to art publications and publications by Latin American artists. Non-profit artistic entities, individuals and publishing houses that present concrete publishing projects are eligible to apply.

Find all the info on the open-call here.


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