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Ayarkut Talks: "Alternative Economy Models in Contemporary Art"— co-curated by Terremoto and Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo PAC

February 9–10, 2023
Lafontaine 163, Polanco
11550 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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The inaugural event hosted by Ayarkut will delve into the economics of contemporary art and explore practices of commoning, radical economies, and fictitious currencies, as well as the complex relationship between money and ethics. Co-curated by Terremoto and PAC, the two-day program will feature distinguished international and Mexican artists, curators, and scholars

Co-curated by Terromoto, the first day of Alternative Economy Models in Contemporary Art, is a series of panel discussions and conversations around the fictional, symbolic and cold hard economics of contemporary art. Taking as a standpoint the volatility, dynamism, melting and evaporation of some of our economical constructs as well as the momentum of the capital and its failures, the program aims to imagine alternatives related to commoning practices, radical economies and fictitious currencies as well as to question the relationship between money, ethics, speculation and fetish. How can art navigate in a fluid economy where capital originates, distributes and fluctuates constantly? Is it possible to share resources under a neoliberal system? How may we develop a healthier relationship to the art system, one not defined by competition but cooperation?

Co-curated by PAC, the second day of Alternative Economy Models in Contemporary Art, will focus on projects that have resorted to organizational models, knowledge and understandings that allow to delineate horizons different from those of the neoliberal global logic. Conceived from localization policies, from community, collaborative, indigenous, contextual approaches, and radical pedagogies, these propose alternative paths to those that we have believed to be unique. As international events such as documenta fifteen, directed by the Indonesian collective Ruangrupa, have made visible, these are practices conceived from a diversity of understandings and ways of doing things in the world that, contrary to what a colonial perspective claims, have always been contemporary.

More info on the schedule, talks and speakers here.


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