An Americanist and Indigenist Vanguard: On Redes de Vanguardia: Amauta y América Latina, 1926-1930

Florencia Portocarrero, co-editor of this issue, talks with curators Beverly Adams and Natalia Majluf about «Amauta» magazine, which, during the 1920s, inaugurated a circulation of ideas and discussions about what Latin America could have meant in relation to Marxism and the avant-gardes of Western modernity.

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  1. Moquegua, Perú, 1894 – Lima, Perú, 1930.

  2. After the death of Mariátegui the Partido Socialista Peruano (PSP) was transformed into the Partido Comunista Peruano [Peruvian Communist Party] (PCP).

  3. You can visit the document at the following link: http://archivo.mariategui.org/.

  4. Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana – Partido Aprista Peruano, a center-left Peruvian political party.

  5. Tempestad en los Andes is a book written by the Peruvian historian and anthropologist Luis Valcárcel in 1927. In a messianic tone, the book announces the moment in which the Andean peoples will rescue their ancestral tradition and wisdom.

  6. Indigenismo is an art, cultural and political movement originated in Latin America during the 1920s, focused on reclaiming the indigenous cultural traditions, and the questioning European mechanisms of discrimination and ethnocentrism.


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