Issue 22: Radiant

Andrei Fernández

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Art As a Burning Thorn. Notes on Ogwa's work and the unfolding of the temporal experience

Andrei Fernandez constellates, from Ogwa’s work, the powers of indigenous art despite the history of Western art, to reveal an autonomy of representation that explodes into all that time can be.

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  1. Name given to the Gran Chaco Americano area that corresponds to the province of Salta in northern Argentina, in the border area with Bolivia and Paraguay.

  2. They are part of the Thañí/Viene del monte collective: https://vienedelmonte.com.ar/.

  3. “(. . .) The sisters came with a bag. (. . .) For us clothes and something so you don’t get bitten by mosquitoes anymore. And I told our grandfather, but he said no, no, no, because those people come to eat us. They didn’t know. So the sisters opened the bag . . . it was candy. And they grab and throw us, they throw candies to us like chickens, and then they peel one and show, and one says look at this one and she eats it. Then the grandparents look and eat too, and there they come out, they come tamed, and they are tamed and come right away, but they were naked.” Testimony of Ogwa. Adriana Almada, ed. Premio Jacinto Rivero. Obras premiadas y seleccionadas. (Asunción: Ediciones Faro para las Artes, 2002), 115-118.

  4. Lía Colombino points out that drawing existed before among the Indigenous peoples, but it was (and is) done on other surfaces: on the skin, the earth, fabric, etc.

  5. Arte 360 Grados, “Art is Not Innocent,” Terremoto, November 15, 2021, https://terremoto.mx/en/revista/el-arte-no-es-inocente.

  6. An activist from a peri-urban community of the Wichí people in Tartagal, Northern Argentina, who has the spiritual ability to listen to the messages of the winds and trees, and the wisdom to carry out reforestation and hybridization of native species.

  7. Text based on notes from Caistulo’s messages sent by WhatsApp and recorded by Dani Zelko as part of the project La escucha y los vientos (2020/2021).


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