Argentina, 1983

Andrei Fernández

Andrei Fernández grew up and studied in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. She is a curator, cultural manager and visual artist. She has a degree in Plastic Arts (UNT) and a master’s degree in Social and Political Anthropology (FLACSO). She works in projects of social economy, alimentary sovereignty and memories with communities of native peoples of northern Argentina. She coordinates “La escucha y los vientos”, with the support of the IFA Galerie of Berlin, a proposal of intercultural research and exhibition from art with indigenous women’s collectives and artists of the Gran Chaco Americano. She is part of the project “Los colores del monte” with the German artist Olaf Holzapfel and weavers of the Wichí people of the collective Thañí/Viene del monte.

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