Afro-Atlantic Histories

Artist and researcher Juliana Dos Santos reviews the visibility of Afro-descendant art in Brazil and then talks with Adriano Pedrosa, curator-in-chief of the São Paulo Museum of Art, about the integration of the Afro-Atlantic diaspora into the program of the most important museum in the country.

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  1. Lilian Schwarzcz. The Spectacle of the Races: Scientists, Institutions, and the Race Question in Brazil, 1870-1930. 1999. “In Brazil these theories were developed with the goal of establishing a political ideal, an assessment of the possibility of the submission or the possible elimination of “inferior races” that became an advanced practice of social Darwinism: eugenics, whose goal was to intervene in population reproduction. The term eugenicseu: good, well; genos: birth—was created in 1883 by the British scientist Francis Galton.” 78.

  2. Transator’s note: Mestizaje is a complex aspect of colonial and nationalist ideology (influenced by scientific racism and theology) throughout Latin American that advocated for racial mixing to make nations whiter and simultaneously justified a racially stratified class system with Europeans at the top.


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