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"Transeúnte. Hacia una nueva normalidad" at Galería Unión, Mexico

Galería Unión, Mexico City, Mexico
June 2, 2020

Galería Unión is an independent project recently founded in Mexico City. From our digital platform, we manage and participate in actions and collective exhibitions of contemporary art in diverse spaces. The purpose of the project is to create a dialogue about the relationship between art and the periphery. We focus on the latent urban issues of conflict and contradictions, as well as reflections of a critical and transformative contemporary culture.

The violence, the narcoculture, the decline of public space, the clandestine and strategic ways the subalternity influences its relationship with space and culture are some of the themes that interest us. Further, we question the experiences, symbols, places and life prospects of being on the margins and how they are approached. The aesthetics of the urban inevitably influence peripheral experiences. For this reason, the initiative of Galería Unión is to center ourselves in the new avenues for the art that involves these interests.

Our purpose is to activate a platform to present contemporary art proposals that discuss the narratives of the so-called subaltern contexts. Within these contexts, the artist is the agent that demonstrates a collective reflection on their own environment, bringing to light details and properties of everyday life that “we do not see”. Practices such as street vending, the altars that venerate death, graffiti and drug dealing share a culture of heterotopias and the “other” places. Transeúnte: Hacia una nueva normalidad is a digital show that addresses all of this through the visual work and the guidance of the artists —Sonia Madrigal, Eric Muñoz, Itzamna Reyes, Gabriela Sandoval and Alfonso Zárate— bring us closer to the disturbing narrative of the urban and the way in which the COVID19 pandemic affects its discourse and artistic production. We will present an artist everyday alongside a selection of “hanging” images for you to reflect on.

—Text by Carlos Rojas, translation by Lydia Espinoza


Sonia Madrigal, Eric Muñoz, Itzamna Reyes, Gabriela Sandoval and Alfonso Zárate.


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