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"Super Ciclo Increíble: Guardar nada" at Kiosco de artistas, Argentina

Kiosco de artistas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 31, 2020 – August 6, 2020

KDA (from the initials Kiosco de Artistas, Artist’s Newsstand) refers to a variable population of artists who make sporadic apparitions in contexts that allow them to experiment with commercial formats. KDA was born in Buenos Aires during a period in which there were plenty of fairs, cooperative businesses, community projects and social assemblies. The general situation encouraged the population to look for new ways and options of survival. We opened our homes, work spaces and took part in events, poetry endeavours, bars and shops. It came to existence as a direct market without intermediaries selling objects produced by artists. At last, we took ownership of the initials as a way to get out on the streets in company. Get out to the world, to the public, in different situations and always together converging in teamwork, as a way to rehearse means of communication with a wide range of art consumers.

KDA, born in 2002 at Buenos Aires, Argentina is a collective project thought by Diana Aisenberg. It took place in different places as factories, art galleries, hotels, work spaces, cabarets and cultural centers. In 2020, KDA is rehearsing a new platform through Instagram offering products, services and ideas during these social distancing times.

Super Ciclo Increíble (Incredible Super Cycle) is a cycle formed by shows of  KDA artists which can be only visited through the KDA’s Instagram account. An artist acts as curator to try different formats and show colleagues works through this digital platform.

The cycle was inaugurated with the exhibition Payaso de Ácido (Clown on Acid), showing Emilia Tessi, Dana Ferrari and Bettina Pavetti, curated by Marco Pimentel. Guardar Nada (Keep Nothing) is the ongoing show, exhibiting works by Almendra Cohen, Alejandro Gabriel, Paula Menga and Manuel Salomon, edited by Santiago Ortí. All Super Ciclo Increible’s shows will be archived at KDA’s instagram account in order to be revisited.

Guardar Nada consists of daily submissions of images which can be seen at KDA’s instagram stories, every day at 8:30 pm (local time) between 07/31 – 08/06, 2020. The images of the exhibition come from a list of questions made to the artists by the editor. The answers were organized in series which combine images belonging to the four participating artists. Show everything, keep nothing.

List of questions:

  • What have you kept for a long time?
  • Which drawings from your childhood do you keep?
  • Which works do you keep and haven’t shown?
  • Do you keep tests or discards of your works?
  • Do you keep exercises you are fond of?
  • Which things do you keep close?
  • Are you a collectionist? What do you collect?
  • What is the object you have had the longest?
  • Which papers don’t you throw away?
  • What have you moved more times?
  • Which files do you keep backuping?
  • What is hidden in the corners of your digital wardrobes?
  • What do you keep but have never used?
  • How long have you been sweeping with the same broom?
  • What treasures do you keep?



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