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A Torta In Argentina / A Tale From My Past

”What do I have in common with the current fetishizing setting in Buenos Aires and in an LGBT movement that is not me?” asks Florencia Mamani in her third installment of projector “Intersex Andean when not wanting to be fetishized.”


The truth is best digested with a mate in hand.
I decided to spend the weekend with my family and…tell them
the truth.

This all stems from an incident my mom had with my tía
the pot was uncovered
and it was my mom’s turn feel all that hot steam coming out,
Cover it,
it’s my turn to take care of it.

Flopy was dating someone
and it wasn’t conventional.
The “whatever” ended up on my sidewalk…
and I thought it was good to tell the family,
so that they can see that I love them
and that I would love to be accepted as I am.

“Ask for a miracle and I will fulfill it.”
No! No miracles.
I turn and talk to them.

STAGE 1, Mamaníes
(Maybe two, because I had talked to my goddaughter and everything was fine).
Carolina is my cousin. Actually she is the daughter of a cousin on my father’s. Second cousin? I don’t know, something like that. We met at the Varela station. After walking through the drizzle and mud of Varela to Gabi’s (Gabriela… my other cousin, Caro’s older sister). Going around in circles, literally and not literally, I got to the truth.
“Oh, Floo, I thought it was something serious!”
“Well… I don’t know how they can believe that…”
Then once at Gabi’s… after drinking mate every three words….
“Nooo, nothing’s wrong… that doesn’t change anything…”
” Well… I don’t know how they can believe that…”
Then we went to Aunt Dominga’s place… and at night I played truco until 5 am with my cousin Dani and —

D: No, it’s all right… sent.
F: That’s good… I don’t want to.
D: … no one here is going to give you any trouble… truco!
F: … yes, but I didn’t know how they could believe… I want to.

The next day, I had breakfast with my cousin and my aunt.
mate with milk,
I didn’t dare to tell my aunt
but after breakfast we went to my other cousin’s place
(we are many… I mean, MANY).
She made us mate with lemon verbena,
there were also some bills on the table,
and between mate and mate…

One family less.

STAGE 2, Chañis
The hard part was here. My aunt had approached my mom a week ago and told her that she couldn’t believe it it, she didn’t want to associate people like that.
Like me.
Pfff… We talked just for talking…
with my uncle Rolo, Rosa (my comadre), and my cousins Lore, Cami and Meli (my goddaughter).
My uncle Rolo and Meli are the only ones who know Tam.
“What’s her name?”
Just like that.
My target was Aunt Rosa. My cousin Lore has been preoccupied with something else for a while now… family and stuff… and she’s kind of weird… I preferred to skip her….
Tea time.
Mate… with Rica Rica, a yerba from Jujuy,
and between mates and sweet bread,
“Aunt, I came because mom told me that…”
My aunt almost didn’t want to talk. She said that, although her first impression had been bad, she had known me for such a long time. Since I was just little girl. It’s hard for her. I’d rather she didn’t… but okay. She knew me…
and all that.

My mission in Varela was over,
and while my Mom wasn’t sure about my idea…
I had to do it.
The truth can never be too bad.

That’s just the way it is.
That’s the way it is.

That’s me.

The afternoon was ending…
I left Varela
to her. arms in Lanús.
Four months were about to pass.
Four months.
4, my lucky number.
Noodles and laughter in between.
I fell asleep at her house.


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