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Rodolfo Sousa

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Wallowing in the Avant-Garde Dust: A Brief Review of Veracruzan Art Practices During the Pandemic

The artist Rodolfo Sousa shares a reading about the art ecosystem in the state of Veracruz to constellate (possible) situated exchanges of cultural work.

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  1. The search for the representativeness of the diverse practices in the State is one of the vices of local institutions, when Nudo was inaugurated, in another of the rooms of the same space that hosted it, an exhibition of the painter Edgar Cano was being inaugurated, disinterested in all kinds of conceptualisms, producing a schizoid aesthetic experience. “Dos muestras plásticas en el Jardín de las Esculturas”, Agencia de Noticias RTV, Secciones Veracruz, August 15, 2014. See more at: https://www.masnoticias.mx/dos-muestras-plasticas-en-el-jardin-de-las-esculturas/

  2. If we understand landscape as the symbolization of space through representations, rations and nominations captured by the aesthetic-state machinery, the artists mentioned above dissociate themselves from forms of such forms of representation, whether by assigning new forms of allusion to the weather (Abel Zavala), recording the effects of climate change in the mountains (Tania Ximena) or questioning local practices, trades and representations (Luis Enrique Perez).

  3. Some of these artists are Francisco Mata Rosas, Georgina Quintana, Daniela Bojórquez and local artists that would fit in photography or experimental graphics.


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