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La farmaceútica nacional

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#69: La farmacéutica nacional

Through this section, monthly, we invite agents of the artistic system to share a selection of images related to their practice or current interests. Images are published daily in the header of our website and shared through our Instagram profile. At the end of the month, the complete selection of images is published together with a text that contextualizes them. Here is the selection of April 2021.

Following Terremoto’s invitation to be part of # Marginalia69, La Farmacéutica Nacional opens its personal file to present a compilation of the material selected and collected since 2018. This compilation includes topics related to health, the media and records of actions produced by the collective between 2019 and 2020. This archive review tries to partially communicate and share one of the many information mechanisms used today, where memes and independent news pages have been of great importance in responding to social concerns, allowing us to make visible and express our opinions freely -from humor- about the Latin American and world contingency during the pandemic.

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