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"Reactivación económica" by Daniela Tremolda at MAMAMA Espacio, Perú

MAMAMA Espacio, Lima, Peru
August 10, 2020 – October 10, 2020

Economic Reactivation is not just a curatorial project but a complex discourse where certain instances of art and personal history are subjected to the audacious experiment of dialoguing with the lived past and the relativized present. Reproductions of works by invited artists are imposed, as visiting protagonists , on photographs of different spaces of the Mamama family home. These spaces are significant and conservative of decades lived and affections, of memories and moments incorporated into the very sensitive instrument that registers and uses them. The reproductions enunciate the original meanings of the works as well as others, arising as a result of variations in instrumentalization and purpose.

—Text by Elida Román 


Camila Lamarca (Buenos Aires, 1988), Daniel Tremolada (Lima, 1986), Tomie Ohtake (Kioto, 1913 – Sao Paulo 2015), Jimena Chavez Delion (Lima,1989), Luis Enrique Zela (Virginia, 1994), Musuk Nolte (CDMX, 1988), Nancy La Rosa (Lima, 1980), Raura Oblitas (Lima,1979), Santiago Gasquet (Buenos Aires, 1978), Pati Camet (Nueva York, 1960), Natalia Iguiñiz (Lima, 1973), Rafa Mayu Nolte (Lima, 1992), Sofía Torres Kosiba (Córdoba, 1974), Iosu Aramburu (Lima, 1986), Valeria Ghezzi (Lima, 1974).


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