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Patio de Luz

Edificio Alonso by Grupo Patio, Santiago, Chile
March 7, 2019

After the exhibitions Húsares Trágicos (2018)—that brought together 17 artists at Casas de los Carrera Historic Monument and that later moved to the MAC Museum—and the 13 Jardines Arts and Culture Encounter (2018) —with more than 50 artists at a 17th century mansion in the Requínoa to then travel to the city of Rancagua— the platform 13 Jardines, in conjunction with Edificio Alonso by Patio Group, presents Patio de Luz, a hybrid space where works of art are interspersed with furniture and vegetation.

Patio de Luz is located on the first level of Edificio Alonso, in Santiago, Chile. At this place paintings, sculptures, photographs, video and engraving coexist, along with tables, armchairs and chairs from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as furniture designed by some exhibiting artists. In the space, there are also several indoor plants that complete the proposal to face the works from a living.

The first exhibition of Patio de Luz features the participation of Catalina Andonie, Francisca Benedetti, Ivan Bravo, Santiago Cancino, Paula de Solminihac, Colomba Fontaine, Paula Godoy, Rocío Guerrero Marín, Hugo Leonello, Mono Lira, Vicente Matte, Sebastián Mejía, Santiago Miranda, Aranzazu Moena, Valentina Ratto, Francisca Sánchez, Alejandro Siña, Pilar Trujillo, Elena Vial, Benjamín Ossa, Javier Toro Blum, FIFA 2000, Ivan Navarro & Courtney Smith, and Alejandra Prieto & Pablo Valle for Mob Projects.

Sofia Edwards, director of 13 Jardines, says: “This new proposal continues the work we did last year through our exhibitions, where the artworks presented were contextualized by domestic and external spaces. Our search with Patio de Luz has to do with continuing to investigate these issues from a more content and at the same time flexible place. ”

Patio de Luz has a rotating logic and also serves as a meeting point for interdisciplinary conversations, musical evenings and workshops of various kinds.


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