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Matias Duville presents "Hotel Palmera" at Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, Argentina

Co-curated by Gabriel Pérez Barreiro and Lara Marmor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 20, 2020 – February 28, 2021

Will we ever cross the threshold of the Duvillian dimension? Will we be able to infiltrate inside the incised paintings, dive into bottomless pools or whirlpools due to unexpected tornados until we lose our bearings?

Matias Duville’s drawings, collages, videos and installations are familiar to many, but now the artist opens the doors to Hotel Palmera to share his work in a more radical way. These are drawings and installations that belong to several series made over many years. We invite the public to plunge in and perceive the dislocation felt in these atemporal landscapes. These are graphical representations created from reconstructions, some from his own memories, others invented.

The exhibition proposes walking through different moments filled with the material which Duville uses to create his imaginary worlds. We expect visitors to feel lost and disoriented. That awkward, yet desired, state of disorientation that invades us when we are foreigners. It is in this direction, where the eye will draw the attention away from the technical skills found in the artworks and be deprived from mental attachments. We invite you to enter the extensive imaginary grounds created by Matías Duville.

Hotel Palmera consists of four large stages, organized by two vectors that cross the exhibition and Duville’s entire production: surface-depth and interior-exterior relationships. Under this conception, we have decided along with the artist to conceive the architectural museum space not as a container but as a space related to the artwork. The pieces are interconnected. Images bounce off each other, echoing and playing along, being immersive, all-embracing and magnetic as a whole.

The starting point of the exhibition is a room constructed by large acrylic paintings with hammered incisions on fiberboard. These traces shape the landscape and at the same time delve into the objective reality (wood) to surpass the surface and enter into the world of fiction. Shape and substance are part of an irreducible relationship because atmospheres in Duville’s landscapes are deeply related to the nature of the material and its work.

Music by Centolla Society —the band created by Matías and his brother Pablo— is also part of Hotel Palmera. According to the artist, music is part of his artistic statement. He considers sound to be the best way to travel from place to place. An ambient music and a psychedelic composition will be heard throughout the space, from the inside out all the way through ancient pasts, unknown futures or in the imagined present time created by Matías Duville.


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