Nico Colón

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July 1, 2015 – July 31, 2015

Every month Marginalia invites an artist, curator or project to provide a series of images that will serve as the background of Terremoto, in relation to their practice and current interests. At the end of each month, the identity of our guest is revealed and the whole series of images is unveiled.

To coincide with the summer’s pace, I wanted to use the Marginalia series as a place to experiment, explore, and share images that were coming up in my current research. Many of the images seemed to lie just outside of Terremoto’s stated definition of “the Americas,” if only by a few miles. (Race, representation, state violence, and white supremacy in the United States were the main issues on my mind this past month.) However, as much as this series of images is about organizing information, it simultaneously embraces illegibility. Maybe as a way to look for previously unrealized connections, or maybe as a way to camouflage my unfiltered self, I can’t be sure.



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