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Gamma Galería, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
March 24, 2018 – June 9, 2018

Gamma Galería is pleased to present iNCISOR, an individual exhibition of Kate Steciw (1978, Pennsylvania, United States) featuring a new body of works that reveal a new direction in the artist´s constant reassessment of the photographic image and its boundless physicality. By questioning the meaning and appliance of photography within her creational process, Steciw´s work not only adapts to her ceaseless experimentation but it also challenges technical and compositional preconceptions associated with the juxtaposition of elements and images. Displaying a unique concoction of components belonging to human nature and it´s aesthetic values, these new works on canvas incorporate the artist´s characteristic approach to blending photographic images in collage-like fashion with an unprecedented pictorial sensibility.

“Collage cannot be defined adequately as merely a technique of cutting and pasting, for its significance lies not in its technical eccentricity but in its relevance to two basic questions which have been raised by twentieth-century art: the nature of reality and the nature of painting itself. Collage has been the means through which the artist incorporates reality in the picture without imitating it”, this excerpt from Margaret Miller´s seminal Collage exhibition held at MoMA in 1948 is perhaps the most accurate description to understand Steciw´s approach to composition which not only embarks in a personal journey to define one´s individual nature but is also part of a collective struggle to challenge the aesthetical canons of our own society. The gestural aspect of segmenting realities speaks in volumes throughout these works, by adapting the photographic image into the canvas the artist breaks free from the limits associated with the medium and is able to devise a new approach to a painterly composition that is far from ordinary. The dynamism behind these compositions allows the viewer to flow between textures and depths as the free hand coalesces with everyday elements in a subtle yet mesmerizing manner that ultimately defines an exciting new chapter in the artist´s creative discourse.

Rodrigo Campuzano


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