The urgent dialogue: "El momento del yagrumo" at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico

“The exhibition is an open, urgent, and ongoing dialogue that echoes local claims and those of individuals, communities, and neighboring nations in the face of the climate crisis, the food crisis, the loss of knowledge, the destruction of ecosystems and species, and the continuation of colonial relations, among others.”

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  1. The scene refers directly to the murder of Adolfina Villanueva at the hands of the Puerto Rican Police on February 6th, 1980. It took place in Loíza, a coastal municipality in the northeastern part of the country that was a place of indigenous and maroon settlements that still preserves and celebrates the roots of its Afro-descendant population. As Lind Ramos depicts, Adolfina died during the eviction of her house by a landowner, accompanied by the police squad and road rollers.


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