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Le Vide AUM & Ki Niet A IK’tein present "EKT" at Galería NAC, Chile

Galería NAC, Santiago, Chile
August 22, 2020

Advances occured during the Anthropocene epoch and the current information revolution, along with the change in organic rhythms due to the progress of the global city and consumerism, have destabilized the natural cycles that sustain the Earth as an organism. The planet is rapidly suffering exhaustion, due to the insatiable and anxious mindset of modern thinking, which understands growth as something infinite; yet, the planet is finite.

The rhythms of our human cycles accelerated and became more individual, even in the contemporary nebulous of relativity. All that is external to the individual has become unreachable and information technologies are the only ones capable to process this current complexity and, at the same time, create it. Every second, this digital organism learns and grows, expanding over the planet, both physically and virtually.

The naive or blind efficiency created, based on the control over ecological cycles by the human artifact, has caused a break between humans and their environment, which has been swept under the rug. This rottenness exploded and is now put on the table and questioned. We are going through the transition.

This global artifact has turned into an immaterial planetary entity, comparable to the cycle of the water, the mycelial network or the traveling of clouds. In order to “understand” it, we need to question the rational, linear and Cartesian ways of the current model, in order to move forward a more holistic, multidimensional ecosystem, where the sensory element is an unknown, yet powerful dimension. A planetary conscious state that is capable of sensing and perceiving this global artifact is the awareness required to exercise freedom, both individually and collectively.

The Global Overshoot Day is a date that moves each year, getting every time closer to each beginning of the year. This date represents the day in which the human demand for ecological resources and services surpasses what Earth is capable of regenerating throughout the cycle of a year. Is this an alert sign or evidence that we are moving backwards as humanity?

There is no pot or gold reserved for the future, it is indebted.

There is no saving in planets to sustain our current level of consumption.


Gallery: Nicole Andreu (Galería NAC)

Curatorial process: Thiago Verardi

Sound: Emilio Rojas, Constanza Valenzuela

Technical Team: Pablo Encina, Benjamín Encina

Costume Design: Marcella Cortez

Technical advisors: Benjamín Benavidez, Osvaldo Torres

Systems advisors: Galit Hojman, Juan Popelka, Sofía Serrano, Martin Lira, Camila Dominguez, Andrés Salazar

Photo and audiovisuals: Juan Francisco Guzmán, Pepe Alarcón, Juan Pablo Ubilla

Communications: Minerva Carrizo


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