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$€£ƒ = (+_+)

PARQUE Galería, Ciudad de México
April 5, 2018 – May 25, 2018

Obsessed with media’s visual language and border imaginaries, Daniel Ruanova has embarked on a long career in art with Tijuana as its starting point. It expands to cover an eclectic set of platforms that encourage the hybridization of the aesthetics of mass-media and digital platforms.

From the exhibition’s title algorithm, the artist hints at the uncertainty provoked by the symbols of economic domination in public spaces, littered with electronic billboards that, just as in Blade Runner or the Insurgentes subway stop, invade the public and private domain with encrypted messages.

Ruanova’s paintings are screens that reflect logos, covered in visual effects and clippings of pixelated images. Amongst bright colored signs and flashes, buzzwords containing the racist political jargon of the American Alt-Right, jumbled up with branding from the chauvinistic digital networks of YouTubers and influencers.

The formula $€£ƒ = (+_+) appoints the emergence of alien subjectivities resulting from a drift of images from Beijing, in the far East, to the last frontier of the West: Tijuana. Ruanova’s work presents nomadic identities from the perceptual noise that surrounds this reality, one that is increasingly dependent on Google.

José Springer


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