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Geometría primitiva

Galería Mercado Negro, Cholula, Puebla, México
April 20, 2018 – May 20, 2018

Mercado Negro Arte Contemporáneo, in collaboration with the gallery Guadalajara 90210, invites to the opening of the collective exhibition Primitive Geometry, which presents work by young national and international artists. Primitive Geometry is an exhibition curated by Marco Rountree and Alma Saladin that brings together more than 50 pieces of 21 young artists both national and international whose work explores universal history and how we assimilate it as a society.

This exhibition is a collaboration with Guadalajara 90210, a curatorial project that makes its way onto the national scene as an emerging gallery directed by artists from where they develop an experimental and collaborative platform for the exhibition and dissemination of young artists. On this occasion, they present a selection of works by their artists in various disciplines and media, drawing, sculpture, photography, collage that they integrate into the galleries’ rooms in a very playful way.

Within the offer we can find in this exhibition is the work of Theo Michael (Greece, 1978), who explores through the drawing ideas and imaginaries of the universal culture that he reinvents either in the intervention of archival images as with drawings, many of his pieces appropriating existing images taken from encyclopedias and history books to build images that interpret history, Theo has recently participated in international fairs and events and solo exhibitions in galleries in Los Angeles and Paris being his last individual exhibition in 2017 “ARTHROPODOS”, in Galerie Vallois, Paris

The pieces by Edgar Cobián, resident artist of Guadalajara, also address from the watercolor drawing the freedom of artistic creation today that allows him to appropriate cultural elements that have come to us through the history books and from which propose images of characters where cultural references are combined.

Gwladys Alonzo (France, 1980) works from common classical materials in sculpture, such as metal, wax, concrete, marble, and stone, to create her sculptures using non-conventional techniques motivated by the desire to break away from the stereotypes associated with the practice predominantly masculine sculpture, where eminently phallic verbs such as “erection”, “lift”, “train” and “recover” are part of the common vocabulary. In his young career Gwladys has presented his work in France, United Kingdom, USA and South America in solo and group exhibitions, recently presented his work in the space “El Cuarto de Máquinas” of Mexico City besides “Guerrero-Project” in Houston Texas.

Artists: Gwladys Alonzo, Hernain Bravo, Edgar Cobián, Pamela del Moral, Rodolfo Díaz-Cervantes, Alejandro García Contreras, Rodrigo García Dutra, Héctor Jiménez, Iván Krassoievitch, Alberto López Corcuera, Javier M. Rodríguez, Yeni Mao, Theo Michael, Rodrigue Mouchez, Jonathan Miralda, Marco Rountree, Alma Saladin, Federico Schott, Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, Pilar Villela, Noémie Vulpian


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