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"Drive-By-Art (Public Art In This Moment of Social Distancing)," USA, Los Angeles, California, USA
May 23, 2020 – May 31, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted cultural networks bringing many galleries and museums to a halt and moving visual arts experiences online. Meanwhile, drive-by baby showers and birthdays have become the norm for celebrating special events during this time of social distancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enter DriveByArt, an outdoor public art exhibition that is experienced from the safety and intimacy of one’s own automobile.  Not only does DriveBy-Art create a sense of needed solidarity within the artistic and cultural communities now entrenched in the South Fork of Long Island, but it also offers an experience that is otherwise severely limited by our current social distancing practices: interacting with tangible objects in the real world.

Like the first rendition which took place on the South Fork of Long Island’s East End (May 9-10), DriveByArt in Los Angeles is similar to other drive-by exhibitions that have become commonplace in the new reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. As it was recently reviewed in the New York Times Art and Design section (May 10, 2020), DriveBy-Art is a response to a generalized feeling permeating the networks of artists and cultural producers sequestered in their homes and studios dealing with depressed income, isolation and the fears that precarious futures produce.

Here’s how it works!

DriveByArt is an attempt to bring back a sense of solidarity to the artistic and cultural community in Los Angeles during these dark times. DriveByArt offers a novel presentation and art viewing approach by taking advantage of the city’s pre-existing car culture and the intimacy and safety of the automobile. This public art experience is a call to action in a moment of economic, social, political, and spiritual catatonia, and an attempt to envision a different kind of cultural institution.

Taking advantage of the rich, artistic heritage of the Los Angeles basin, artists currently living and working there will install and display artworks related to this moment of social distancing on their properties or in their neighborhoods. For instance, sculptures made inside may be installed in driveways or as lawn objects. Tree trunks can be sites for paintings or textile work, rooftops and building facades can host projections or light sculptures visible from the road, as well as from the sky. Sides of houses might become surfaces for video projections and picture windows as stages for shadow puppet performances while musicians and sound poets might give live performances at the edge of properties. Artists east of Western Avenue will participate over Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25) and artists west of Western Avenue will participate the following weekend (May 30-31).

Around 120 painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists, film and video makers, poets, and musicians of varying ages, cultural backgrounds, and gender are involved. All artists, their addresses, and maps of hamlets where their works can be viewed are available here:


Luciana Abait, Lita Albuquerque, Marcel Alcala, Shagha Ariannia, Charles Arnoldi, Joshua Aster, Elena Bajo, Sharon Barnes, Sarah Beadle, Jeff Beall, Scott Benzel, Andrew Berardini, Sula Bermúdez-Silverman, Lauren Bon, Olivia Booth, Theodore Boyer, Leonardo Bravo, Kimberly Brooks, Anita Bunn, Jedediah Caesar, Kristin Calabrese, Nancy Baker Cahill, Angel Chen, Joe Day, Yasmine Diaz, Debra Disman, Dani Dodge, Paul Donald, Dana Berman Duff, Bradney Evans, Rochelle Fabb, Katja Farin, Renée A. Fox, Cayetano Ferrer, Shahla K. Friberg, Francesca Gabbiani, Yrneh Gabon Brown, Kiva Garber-Maikovska, Sonja Gerdes, Chet Glaze, Phyllis Green, Todd Gray, Robert Gunderman, Julia Haft-Candell, Robert Herbst, Gilah Hirsch, Evan Holloway, Andrew Holmquist, Bettina Hubby, Salomon Huerta, Steve Hurd, Max Jansons, Vincent Johnson, Kyle Jorgensen, Annetta Kapon, Michael Kelly, Mak Kern, Mirena Kim, John Knuth, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Dan Kwong, Thomas Lawson, Kang Seung Lee, Rebecca Levinson, Thomas Linder/Timo Fahler, Sydney Littenberg, Karen Lofgren, Shana Lutker, Marisa Mandler, Chandler McWilliams, Jason Meadows, Robin Mitchell, Adam Moskowitz, Brian C. Moss, Dave Muller, Nicole Nadeau, Stephen Neidich, Kori Newkirk, Ben Wolf Noam, Jordie Oetken, Stas Orlovski, Erika Ostrander, Mamiko Otsubo, Anita Pace, Xiou Ping, Mary Anna Pomonis, Vanessa Prager, Lucas Reiner, Jackie Rines, Shelby Roberts, Nina R. Salerno, Aram Saroyan, David Schafer, Kenny Scharf, Marty Schnapf, Kim Schoenstadt, Kristine Schomaker, Julia Schwartz, Kyungmi Shin, Susan Silton, Francesco Siqueiros, Emilija Skarnulyte, Natalie Smith, Cammie Staros, Janet Sternburg, Christian Tedeschi, Lincoln Tobier, Dani Tull, Victoria Vesna, Henry Vincent, Patrick Walsh, Dan S. Wang, Alice Wang, Sterling Wells, Jennifer West, Takako Yamaguchi, Kulapat Yantrasast, Jason Yates, Jenny Yurshansky, Jody Zellen, Peter Zellner.


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