Decolonizing the Museum is Not a Performance, Nor a Metaphor

What are the implications of decolonization in the cultural field, if what we mean by “culture” was constructed as an incubator of deeply colonial dynamics and structures?

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  1. Relating to the field of gnoseology, a branch of philosophy that studies the nature, origin and scope of knowledge.

  2. In counterpoint, joining the mention of Amílcar Cabral, it is important to recognize the PAIGC schools and their revolutionary and decolonial teaching installed in Guinea Bissau from which we can learn today. Or, as another example, the film production of Sarah Maldoror and Sara Gomez in Cuba. The processes that have allowed the creation and production of this archive are extremely inspiring, leaving a legacy that still resonates with the current situation in the work of denunciation and when producing counter-perspectives.

  3. By community I do not mean communities of dialogue in social networks, but rather fabrics of historical memory, political identification and communal organization.


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