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"Contrapuntos de la Caverna" at Espacio Cabeza, Mexico

Espacio Cabeza, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
November 7, 2019 – January 12, 2020

Contrapuntos de la caverna (Counterpoints of the Cavern) has its origin in a personal intuition: Photography and Painting are the same thing, an argument proposed and developed by PhD. Laura González-Flores in her book Photography and painting: Two different media? The author approached and described the analogies between both forms of representation, questioning the apparent ontological-generic difference of two languages ​​that in practice are handled as different. 

González Flores uses a critical theoretical thinking device with the aim of reflecting on the differences, connections and similarities between the two disciplines, making it clear that behind this supposed difference, a powerful and complex socio-institutional process persists as such. The thesis of the book erects an analog bridge between photography and painting, that far beyond explaining these media, she interprets and understands them to point out how images operate in historical construction, and in artistic and cultural categories.

From the above—under a curatorship derived from an open-call and without thematic restriction—the series of works that make this exhibition question the specificity of its medium: photographs with a pictorial language, painting with a photographic language of different techniques and formats in the same support, as well as the experimentation of the visual syntax of each practice and its aesthetic and/or political possibilities as artistic means; in order to highlight the systems of representation and figuration—and everything that could appear in the middle— between the condition of doing painting and taking photography. 

Our interest is articulating a space in which the different counterpoints and the apparent tensions of Photography and Painting converge, a place where discordant voices are tuned and where the sensitive appearance of both disciplines mingles.

—Text and curatorship by Marco Valtierra

Espacio Cabeza was founded by Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos and this exhibition was coordinated by Noemí García with the international management of César Axel.


Berenice Arnold, Diego Ascencio, Carlos A. Mora, Katy Coss, Cristian Chavira, Matthieu Croizier, Luis David Bañuelos, Ange-Frédéric Koffi, Alonso Galera, Eduardo Gómez, Carlos Javier Benítez, Dalvi Kai, José María Sánchez, Luisa Mendoza, Simone Nicola Filippo, Edgar Ortega Méndez, Alberto Orozco Ahumada, Fernando Sepúlveda, Matías Wieland, FIFA 2000.


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