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"Consolez vous" at Museo de las Mujeres, Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica
Opening: June 18, 2020

In today’s Cuba there are no so-called Sex shops that sell sexual items in an institutional way. They have been emerging illegally in the capital and other cities of the country: subjects who are dedicated to selling these accessories from their own homes in a hidden way. The sale of these products in most cases reaches very high prices or is carried out in such an isolated and covert way that many people are unaware of their existence or cannot pay them according to their wages. The Cuban state has not established the opening of legal spaces dedicated to the sale of these sexual accessories whose purpose is to satisfy individual and collective imaginations related to pleasure. There is a taboo in the national context, facing issues like this, associating these practices with deformities conceived in the capitalist system; when in reality they are objects that satisfy the erotic fantasies of any adult human being without major consequences. The purpose of the collective project Consolez Vous is to become that space that does not exist in our society, we would function as an itinerant Sex shop, a small “national or local industry”. Reaching a large audience is one of the fundamental objectives and leaving the gallery framework that adheres to art by tradition. Our primary purpose would be to locate ourselves in areas related to artisan fairs in order to really reach all possible people, linked or not to the cultural world, since the purpose is to satisfy a collective demand.

The team will put on display in a kiosk (located inside the gallery) sculptures in the shape of dildos made by hand. One of our purposes is to function as a point of sale for the artistic objects in question, positioning ourselves as if we were “really” a sex toy store. We intend to display the Dildo sculpture and other accessories (whips, masks, Chinese balls, etcetera) as common marketable items available to the public. The action would function as an exercise in unmasking and breaking the extreme moralistic principles that are present in society. We are interested in experiencing the reactions of the participants, their comments and criteria to our presentation. All this happening will be documented as part of the piece. We intend to place these artistic products as part of the national reality (exhibition time in the gallery), conceiving them as consumer objects which satisfy collective imagery, no less important because they are located within the grounds of desire. One of our purposes is to  convert or to replace the criterion of immoral nature associated with the sexual object in a natural and lawful judgment.

The exhibitions and sales of the sculptures-Dildos and accessories will be accompanied by catalogs that will show a selection of products in terms of variety of design, shape and color. In addition, we will establish a dialogue with the public interested in acquiring them in order to personalize the object on request; the result of which will be delivered on the day indicated within the framework of the exhibition, in this way we will have a follow-up on the part of the consumer and we will be able to verify their interest or not for the product. More than an art project focused on the sublimation of the artistic object or art seen as a gesture within the gallery space, we are interested in the function of art as an instrument that proves social phenomena and, in turn, serves as a space where different reactions are pointed as evident in a field that facilitates them. It concerns to us to delve into the intimacy of the public, in its response and reaction to the object, in what is considered moral or immoral for our society, in the limits between private and public, in art as a process that reveals hidden thoughts and criteria in society.


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