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Diario Públicco: performative writing with Sandra Sánchez, from Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico
July 17, 2020 – January 1, 2021

Diario Públicco (Public Diary) is a performative writing in which the author collaborates weekly with another person to write entries in an online diary. It’s not clear for the spectator which of them belong to the author and which are written by the guest. Although most of the collaborators have some contact with contemporary art, the writing goes beyond that framework, moving from the everyday to the experimental, passing through a threshold of tones and stories yet to be discovered.

We call this exercise performance, taking into account that there is always a moving body behind any text, which is usually erased and forgotten. We want to emphasize that writing is also breathing, making gestures, having tics and moving hands, not just information and knowledge.

Although guests cannot observe the bodies, they do have access to the performance by its effects: through Google Docs, viewers—who we call voyeurs—can observe in real time the production of the entrances in the diary. It is likely that when a voyeur enters the document she’ll find someone writing the text—hesitating, erasing, editing, drawing or putting words together; it is also possible that nothing happens, in this case the collaborators may be offline. No one writes all the time.

In order to see the performance, people must send an email to This request not only has a logistical intention, it is also a way of searching for a relationship with the viewer. Diario Públicco knows, at least, the names of the people with whom it interacts; there are those who tell us a little more about themselves, there are those who simply ask for access; we are happy to reciprocate equally.

In addition to an interest in performance writing, Diario Públicco intends to function as an active archive. The performance leaves a trace of written and visual information about what we are experiencing during COVID-19 (in Mexico), without having the pandemic as its main theme.

Diario Públicco will work until December 2020. The 1st of January 2021 will be the last entry and from the 2nd the link will stop working. The collaborators of Diario Públicco are close to contemporary art; some of them received an invitation, others asked to participate by email. All collaborations are already covered.

The collaborators include artists, writers, publishers, cultural managers, film critics and spectators such as Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Janila Castañeda, Andrea Cuevas, Daril Fortis, Hector García, Daniel Garza-Usabiaga, Christian Gómez, Andrés Gómez Servín, Antonia González Alarcón , Rafael Guilhem, Valentina Jager, Adriana Kong, Adriana Melchor Betancourt, Bruno Ruíz, Valeria Montoya, Ernesto Morales, María Olivera, Eva Posas, Alfonso Santiago, Paola Sánchez, Sandra Sánchez, Cristina Torres Valle Pons, Eric Valencia, among others.

To find out the collaboration of the week, please visit the Instagram account @diariopublicco.


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