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Catalina Jaramillo presents "The disenchantment school" at Museo La Tertulia, Colombia

Curatorship by Luz Adriana Hoyos G.
Cali, Colombia
October 10, 2020 – January 31, 2021

The artist recreates here a classroom for melancholic children. From a critical position facing the educational system, she invites us to enter this space with the intention of generating that particular discomfort. The irony is present in the construction of each of the pieces that are part of this installation: the naivety of the images and the apparently harmless elements within this room show —with high doses of black humor— how the students suffer during the control and standardization process to which they are exposed at school. Behind the innocence of this proposal hides the cruel germ of a system that finally imprisons the imagination to form nostalgic and saddened people through submission.

—Text and curatorship by Luz Adriana Hoyos G.


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