Tatiana Raís

Is the co-founder and current director of Espacio Odeón, an experimental contemporary art space in the historic center of Bogotá. Since 2011 she has overseen and helped organize and produce Espacio Odeón´s program—including all exhibitions, art fairs, public programs, theater productions and large scale events. She has also been in charge of fundraising, strategic relations and budget planning for the past eight years.  She graduated in 2011 from Tufts University with a degree in Art History.  Her previous experience includes working as assistant to Asher Remy Toledo, the co-founder of No Longer Empty in New York, where she helped coordinate the public program of the exhibits and, with a grant from Tufts University,  developing an arts-education program in vulnerable communities in Colombia. She has worked as an independent film producer and as a script consultant in several projects. She has been invited to speak at several events, including Conexiones Culturales (Bogotá, 2017) and has published articles in publications such as The Guardian.

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