Argentina, 1988

Guillermina Bustos

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Artist and art researcher. Bisexual and poly-affective. Art activist as well as LGBTQI+ and migrants rights activist. She has a Master of Arts from the Universidad de Chile, and a Bachelor of Painting from the Universidad de Córdoba. She has had more than 20 exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

She is currently working on the art research initiatives: Uberbau_house, Curatoría Forense – Latino América, Cooperativa de Arte and VADB – arte contemporáneo latinoamericano. Her work as an artist is used as a form of research of the orders of culture, through appropriations and interventions of everyday spaces and objects. In her latest works she tries to open a debate on the stereotyped forms of emotional and affective relationships, such as the collective work of the Agencia Romántica Analítica.

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