Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1974

Diego Trerotola

(1974, Buenos Aires) is a film critic, teacher, programmer and queer activist. He was the creator of the Audiovisual Queer cycle (2000), and participated in the programming of international festivals in Spain, the United States, Austria and Argentina, including the Mar del Plata Festival and BAFICI.

Since 1995 he has written in more than 20 media, including 12 years in the magazine El Amante-Cine, and has been editor of the supplement Soy de Página/12 since its creation in 2008. Some of his texts were included in more than 15 books published in Argentina, Spain, Holland, Poland and South Korea. Together with Leandro Listorti, he is the compiler of the book Cine encontrado, ¿qué es y adónde va el found footage (2010). He has been a jury member in more than 20 film festivals, including LGBTIQ festivals in Germany, Brazil and Uruguay,

Brazil and Uruguay, being part in 2014 of the international jury of the Teddy Award given by the Berlin Film Festival. Since 1997 he has been an activist for the Argentine Homosexual Community, participating for 20 years in the Organizing Committee of the Buenos Aires LGBTIQ Pride March.

He teaches at the Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica (CIC).

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