Bárbara Foulkes

She is an artist, choreographer, performer, cultural manager and her work is linked to interdiscipline. Within her practice, the body is the starting point of an expanded research. She understands choreography as the relationships established between bodies and ideas, and translates this into a way of thinking and observing the world in terms of tensions, forces, counterweights, balances and imbalances: in terms of action, and therefore, of life. Her performative work is ritualistic and weightless. She approaches drawing and writing as an extension of the ephemeral, a way of documenting action and turning it into material for sensitive study.

She currently coordinates the public program and the educational area of the Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli. She was a beneficiary of EFIARTES VISUALES 2022 to carry out the interdisciplinary project Cómo siendo peces podemos ver el agua, a piece selected as Work of the Year 2022 by Obras de Artes Comentadas. She is part of Colectivo AM, a group of choreographers working collaboratively since 2010 on projects linked to the notion of history, archive and body.

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