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Public Stance 2.0

To the community of readers of Terremoto
To the artistic community of CDMX
To the general public

To our community,

Regarding the report received by Terremoto around an external collaborator, on April 29, and following the statement published last May 17 in our website and social networks, we communicate the following:

Terremoto is not, nor does it pretend to be, a formal instance of justice, so we act under the principle of always believing the victim, without that meaning we dictate sentences, however, we have thought a lot about our role in the community and what is within Terremoto’s possibilities when crossing these conflicts.

We believe that our position, as parties to the conflict, not arbitrators, is to trigger reflections that allow us to build, collectively, a common pedagogy on these phenomena of violence, Terremoto is and will always be on the side of the victims and we will continue working to be a safe platform for women and sexual dissidence, being a safe space is not something gained by decree, it is rather an attitude towards the eventualities that happen and transcend us, so we reaffirm our openness and commitment to feedback.

After hearing from the complainant on April 30, a statement was published on May 17 outlining various measures. However, after the communication of this public position, the complainant declared on her social networks that she had been a victim of rape, which forces us to rethink and take the following measures:

  • In contrast to what was stated in the second point of the public stance shared on May 17, we have taken the decision to remove all content affiliated with the project carried out by the accused collaborator on Terremoto’s social networks and website.

On the other hand, we recognize a serious flaw in our protocol towards gender violence, where the victim approached a member of Terremoto, both in January and April 2021, through their personal social networks to report the facts; this member did not bring the report to an institutional space, preventing an immediate collective action in the face of the seriousness of the facts indicated. However, after receiving the report directly in the official channels of Terremoto, we decided to act immediately, demonstrating our commitment to address such situations in the most effective way possible.

For this failure, we offer a sincere apology to the victim and we are committed to improve these processes from now on, in that sense we share the following:

  • We have taken the decision to suspend the aforementioned team member for one month, starting June 1, 2021, to show to the community our shared will to repair this situation, hoping that it will be an exemplary sanction that will provoke reflections on the importance of being proactive when dealing with violence, even when it’s evidenced outside the strictly professional sphere.
  • The entire Terremoto team will take a workshop the protocol against gender violence during the summer of 2021.

Through these measures we want to ensure our commitment to improve the processes involved in the resolution of this type of conflict.

We reiterate to the victim that we believe her, and we hope that these new resolutions respond in a more relevant way to the responsibility that calls us to mediate in this search for possible interactions of justice and dialogue around gender violence.

Dorothée Dupuis, Founder and Director
And the Terremoto Team

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